Fiber grating from Box optronics
Publish:Box Optronics  Time:2018-06-28  Views:525
A fiber grating is a diffraction grating formed by axially modulating the refractive index of a fiber core by a certain method, and is a passive filter device. Because the grating fiber has the advantages of small size, small welding loss, full compatibility with fiber, and ability to embed smart materials, and its resonant wavelength is sensitive to changes in temperature, strain, refractive index, concentration and other external environments, it is in fiber-optic communication. Fiber optic sensing and fiber optic signal processing and other fields have been widely used.
Box optronics can provide a variety of fiber grating products such as uniform fiber grating, apodized fiber grating, chirped fiber grating, phase-shifted fiber grating. Products are mainly used in fiber grating sensors, fiber grating filters, pump lasers, fiber lasers.
The above grating types can be combined with each other, namely: chirped phase shift grating, chirped phase shift polarization maintaining grating, and the like. Customized according to customer needs.
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