Conventional inspection method for fiber amplifiers
Publish:Box Optronics  Time:2018-09-23  Views:477
The optical amplifier, the panel display and the actual output are synchronized. If the panel display is normal, the output of the optical amplifier is normal. If the optical power is not enough or insufficient when testing the optical amplifier in this case, the maximum possibilities are as follows:
The optical power meter is not allowed. The domestic optical power meter can only test the equipment with small optical power output. It can‘t test the EDFA with high power output. The optical power meter of the test optical amplifier must be imported. The inaccurate instrument cannot be used as the standard. To use.
The flange of the output port is damaged, which is less likely.
If the user uses it improperly, insert and remove the pigtail when the machine is working, and burn the tail of the optical amplifier output, causing the output power of the optical amplifier to drop. If this happens, just re-splicing the output connector of the optical amplifier.
The quality of the pigtail used by the user is too bad, the core is too long, and the output connector of the optical amplifier is scratched after inserting the pigtail. This phenomenon is good for the first test, and the optical power drops when the second insertion is tested again. To solve this problem, just re-splicing the output connector of the optical amplifier.
The wavelength of the light source is not correct. If the wavelength of the 1550nm optical transmitter is deviated, the output power of the optical amplifier will be insufficient, and the panel display will be too small. The optical power of the input optical amplifier is small, and if it is lower than the standard value, the optical power may be reduced and the panel display may become smaller.
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