Five application areas of pressure sensors
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Pressure sensors are mainly used in: supercharger cylinders, superchargers, gas-liquid booster cylinders, gas-liquid boosters, presses, compressors, air-conditioning refrigeration equipment and other fields.
1. Pressure sensor is applied to hydraulic system
The pressure sensor is mainly used in the hydraulic system to complete the closed-loop control of the force. When the control spool suddenly moves, in a very short time, it will form several times the peak pressure of the system working pressure. In typical mobile machinery, and industrial hydraulics, if the design is not considered in such extreme conditions, any pressure sensor will soon be destroyed.
It is necessary to use an impact-resistant pressure sensor, and the pressure sensor achieves impact resistance. There are mainly two methods, one is a strain-changing chip, and the other is an external coil. Generally in the hydraulic system, the first method is adopted, mainly because of the convenient installation. There is also a reason for the pressure sensor to withstand the uninterrupted pressure pulsations from the hydraulic pump.
The M7100 pressure sensor, integrated sealed pressure port, and electrical connector are available with a maximum range of 43,000 psi (3000 bar). The sensor complies with the latest heavy industry CE standards, including surge protection, and 16Vdc forward and reverse overvoltage protection.
2. Pressure sensor applied to safety control system
Pressure sensors are often used in safety control systems, mainly in the field of air compressors‘ own safety management systems. In the field of safety control, there are many sensor applications. As a very common sensor, pressure sensors are not surprising in safety control systems.
In the field of safety control, it is generally considered from the aspects of performance, price, and safety of practical operation. It is proved that the selection of pressure sensor is very effective.
The pressure sensor uses mechanical processing technology to mount devices such as components and signal conditioners on a small chip. Therefore, the small size is also one of the advantages. In addition, the cheap price is another major advantage.
To a certain extent, it can improve the accuracy of system testing. In the safety control system, by installing the pressure sensor in the pipeline equipment of the air outlet, the pressure brought by the compressor is controlled to a certain extent, which is a certain protection measure and a very effective control system.
When the compressor starts normally, if the pressure value does not reach the upper limit, the controller will open the air inlet and adjust it to make the equipment reach the maximum power.
The MSP340 pressure sensor from the Sunshine Electric Industrial Technology Research Institute, with a range of up to 10kpsi or 700bar, MV or amplified output, ultra-compact structure, sealed isolation sensor technology, is widely used in the safety field.
3. Pressure sensor is applied to injection mold
Pressure sensors play an important role in injection molds. The pressure sensor can be installed in the nozzle of the injection molding machine, the hot runner system, the cold runner system and the cavity of the mold. It can measure the plastic injection molding, filling, holding and cooling process from the injection molding machine. The nozzle, the plastic pressure somewhere between the cavities.
The U7100 pressure sensor ultra-stable series of pressure sensors from Shenzhen are used in HVAC/R control, construction machinery, motor vehicles, compressors, hydraulic systems, energy and water control.
4. Pressure sensor is used to monitor mine pressure
As one of the key technologies for mine pressure monitoring. On the one hand, we should correctly apply existing sensors and various sensors to serve the mining industry; on the other hand, as sensor manufacturers, we must develop and develop new pressure sensors to adapt to more mining industry applications.
There are many kinds of pressure sensors, and based on the special environment of mine pressure monitoring, mine pressure sensors mainly include: vibrating wire pressure sensor, semiconductor piezoresistive pressure sensor, metal strain gauge pressure sensor, differential transformer pressure sensor and so on. These sensors are used in a wide range of applications in the mining industry, depending on the specific mining environment.
PuYang Electric Industrial Technology Research Institute provides US MEAS small board level analog pressure sensor - MS5525ASO has gauge, differential pressure, absolute pressure series. Can be applied to a variety of equipment instrumentation, widely used in downhole instrumentation products.
5. Pressure sensor is used to promote sleep
The pressure sensor itself can‘t promote sleep. We just put the pressure sensor on the mattress. Because the pressure sensor has high sensitivity, when the person turns over, heartbeat and breathing, the sensor will analyze this series of information. Infer what the sleeping person sleeps, what state it is in, then collect the sensor‘s signal through the analysis of the sensor, get the sleep data such as heartbeat and breathing rhythm, and finally process all the data into a first-order track.
Piezoelectric film sensor DT series, the size is randomly cut, the sensitivity is very high, it is very helpful for the bed to promote sleep and the hospital bed monitoring, real-time monitoring and tracking of human sleep state.
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