The importance of semiconductor laser chips
Publish:Box Optronics  Time:2023-01-03  Views:220
Semiconductor lasers are commonly known as laser diodes. They are called semiconductor lasers because of the characteristics of using semiconductor materials as working materials. The semiconductor laser is composed of a fiber-coupled semiconductor laser module, beam combining device, laser energy transmission cable, power supply system, control system and mechanical structure. The laser output is realized under the driving and monitoring of the power supply system and control system.
According to different working materials, there are mainly three excitation methods: electric injection, pump and high-energy electron beam excitation.
High-power semiconductor laser chip is the cornerstone and source of the entire laser processing industry chain. It is a key core component of laser pumping, industrial processing and advanced manufacturing. It is a prerequisite for miniaturization, light weight and stable power output of laser systems. And guarantee, can be widely used in advanced manufacturing, medical beauty, aerospace, safety protection and other fields.
BoxOptronics can provide customers with high-power, long-life, high-volume, OEM-designed laser chips of different powers and different wavelengths, and can also customize individualized chips of different sizes according to the different needs of customers: continuous power output from A few watts of a single tube can reach a hundred watts of a laser diode; the quasi-continuous (QCW) output power ranges from tens of watts to hundreds of watts.
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