•  Measurement of narrow linewidth for laser diode
    Measurement of narrow linewidth for laser diode
    Although both spectrum and spectrum are electromagnetic spectra, the analysis methods and testing instruments of spectrum and spectrum are quite different because of the difference of frequency. Some problems are difficult to solve in the optical domain, but it is easier to solve them by frequency conversion to the electrical domain.
  •  Laser distance measuring
    Laser distance measuring
    Laser distance measuring is measured using a laser as a light source.It is divided into continuous laser and pulse laser according to the mode of laser operation.Gas lasers like helium-neon, argon ion, krypton cadmium and so on work in a continuous output state for phase laser ranging, dual heterogeneous GaAs semiconductor laser for infrared ranging; solid laser such as ruby, n...
  •  Application of Fiber Random Laser in Distributed Sensing
    Application of Fiber Random Laser in Distributed Sensing
    Compared with discrete optical fiber amplification technology, Distributed Raman Amplification (DRA) technology has shown obvious advantages in many aspects such as noise figure, nonlinear damage, gain bandwidth, etc., and has gained advantages in the field of optical fiber communication and sensing. widely used. High-order DRA can make the gain deep into the link to achieve qu...
  • Avalanche Photodiode
    Avalanche Photodiode
    Photodiode with internal signal amplification by avalanche process.
  • Pulse laser parameters
    Pulse laser parameters
    In recent years, with the continuous expansion of pulsed laser applications, the high output power and high single pulse energy of pulsed lasers is no longer a purely pursued goal. In contrast, the more important parameters are: pulse width, pulse shape and repetition frequency. Among them, the pulse width is particularly important. Almost just by looking at this parameter, you...
  •  What is the semiconductor laser
    What is the semiconductor laser
    Since the invention of the world‘s first semiconductor laser in 1962, the semiconductor laser has undergone tremendous changes, greatly promoting the development of other science and technology, and is considered to be one of the greatest human inventions in the twentieth century. In the past ten years, semiconductor lasers have developed more rapidly and have become the faste...
  •  The principle characteristics of fiber laser
    The principle characteristics of fiber laser
    The working medium used in the fiber laser has the form of fiber, and the fiber laser characteristics are affected by the fiber conducting properties.
  •  Optical fiber related knowledge
    Optical fiber related knowledge
    The structure of the optical fiber:
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