• Selection principle of sensor
    Selection principle of sensor
    To carry out a specific measurement, the first consideration is what kind of sensor is used. Even if the same physical quantity is measured, there are several kinds of sensors available.
  • Application of optical fiber sensing technology based on Internet of Things
    Application of optical fiber sensing technology based on Internet of Things
    With the rapid development of optical fiber and optical fiber communication technologies, optical fiber sensing technology emerged. Since its birth, fiber optic sensors have been rapidly developed due to their small size, light weight, high sensitivity, fast response, strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability and ease of use, and are widely used in chemical medicine, ...
  • Laser welding technology
    Laser welding technology
    Laser welding technology is a technique of fusion welding, which uses a laser beam as an energy source to impact the weldment joint to achieve the purpose of welding.
  • What is GPON
    What is GPON
    GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) technology is the latest generation broadband passive optical integrated access standard based on ITU-TG.984.x standard. It has many advantages such as high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, rich user interface, etc. Most operators regard it as an ideal technology for achieving broadband and integrated transformation of access network servic...
  • Fiber laser application
    Fiber laser application
    A fiber laser refers to a laser using a rare earth-doped glass fiber as a gain medium. The fiber laser can be developed on the basis of a fiber amplifier: under the action of pump light, a high power density is easily formed in the fiber, resulting in a laser of the laser working substance. The energy level "particle number inversion" can form a laser oscillation output when a ...
  • Main classification of sensors
    Main classification of sensors
    The sensor is a detecting device that can sense the measured information and can transform the sensed information into an electrical signal or other required form of information output to meet the information transmission, processing, storage and display. Requirements for recording, control and control.
  • fiber-optic laser
    fiber-optic laser
    The fiber laser uses a rare earth doped fiber as the gain medium, and the pump light forms a high power density in the core, resulting in a "particle number reversal" of the doped ion level. When a positive feedback loop (constituting a resonant cavity) is properly added, A laser output is produced.
  • Classification of optical fiber temperature sensor
    Classification of optical fiber temperature sensor
    The fiber optic temperature sensor is a sensing device that analyzes the spectrum of the fiber transmission to understand the real-time temperature by using the principle that the spectrum absorbed by some substances changes with temperature.