•  Polarization-maintaining fiber
    Polarization-maintaining fiber
    In various optical fiber interference instruments, in order to obtain the maximum coherence efficiency, the polarization state of the optical fiber propagating light is required to be very stable. The transmission of light in a single-mode fiber is actually two orthogonal polarization fundamental modes. When the optical fiber is an ideal optical fiber, the transmitted fundament...
  • Application of Tunable Laser in Optical Communication
    Application of Tunable Laser in Optical Communication
    The network applications of tunable lasers can be divided into two parts: static applications and dynamic applications.
  •  What are the core components of the optical module
    What are the core components of the optical module
    As an important part of optical fiber communication system, optical module plays the role of photoelectric conversion. This article will introduce the core devices of the optical module.
  • Laser linewidth measurement
    Laser linewidth measurement
    Although both spectrum and frequency spectrum are electromagnetic spectrum, due to the difference in frequency, the analysis methods and test instruments of spectrum and frequency spectrum are very different. Some problems are difficult to solve in the optical domain, but it is easier to solve them through frequency conversion to the electrical domain.
  • 10G DWDM Tunable optical module
    10G DWDM Tunable optical module
    The wavelength of the 10G conventional SFP+ DWDM optical module is fixed, while the 10G SFP+ DWDM Tunable optical module can be configured to output different DWDM wavelengths. The wavelength tunable optical module has the characteristics of flexible selection of the working wavelength. In the optical fiber communication wavelength division multiplexing system, Optical add/drop...
  •  Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    DWDM(Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing): is the ability to combine a group of optical wavelengths with a single optical fiber for transmission. This is a laser technology used to increase bandwidth on existing fiber optic backbone networks. More precisely, the technology is to multiplex the tight spectral spacing of a single fiber carrier in a specified fiber in order to u...
  •  High Density Fiber Management is Faced with Two Difficulties of Protection and Maintenance
    High Density Fiber Management is Faced with Two Difficulties of Protection and ...
    ADSL broadband based on telephone lines has been gradually replaced by "optical fiber into the home". The data center wiring system is also increasingly using optical fiber network. "Optical copper retreat" has become the trend of data center construction. According to the survey report, the number of optical fiber ports has exceeded the number of copper cable ports in data cen...
  •  Fiber Optic Gyro
    Fiber Optic Gyro
    Fiber optic gyroscope is the fiber angular velocity sensor, which is the most promising one among various fiber optic sensors. The fiber optic gyroscope, like the ring laser gyroscope, has the advantages of no mechanical moving parts, no warm-up time, insensitive acceleration, wide dynamic range, digital output, and small size. In addition, the fiber optic gyroscope also overco...